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Various organisations joined the franchise because they knew there was some sort of a hierarchy." Bishara explained that the organisation has become segmented over the past decade, with ideologically linked al-Qaeda groups from Yemen to Iraq acting with autonomy."These are very autonomous groups and they are not taking any instructions from Ayman al-Zawahiri or from any headquarters in Pakistan, Afghanistan ...He urged them to adopt a "guerilla warfare" strategy because it would "weaken and drain the enemy".The rebels' enemies "are targeting them because they are trying to establish an Islamic rule in Syria, as the West and its allies were doing everything they can to stop it".

And we are hopeful that the Assad regime will follow through on what they have claimed previously, that they are interested in a credible investigation that gets to the bottom of reports that chemical weapons have been used," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said."The conduct of this investigation, the results of this investigation or the efforts by the Assad regime to inhibit this investigation will certainly impact that calculation about possible additional aid," Earnest said. How would it address uncertainty about the rebel makeup?More than 20 people, most of them Moroccans, are arrested in the following weeks.Meanwhile, Washington orders the hunt for Bin Laden to be intensified along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in the hope of capturing him before the US presidential election, in November.He attended a militant madrasah in Yemen, named his son Osama, and became close friends with Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born terrorist cleric.But after a decade of Jihadi life, he not only repudiated extremism but, in a quest for atonement, became a double agent for the CIA and British and Danish intelligence.

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