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1 Broadcast MHP Applications 49 9.1.1 Basic Lifecycle Control 49 9. [1] [26] ISO/IEC 13818-6 1998 Information technology -Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information: Extensions for Digital Storage Media Command and Control. [3] [46] RFC 793 (TCP) "Transmission Control Protocol", J. [3] [47] RFC 1112 August 1989 IETF Host extensions for IP multicasting.

1 .2 Starting Applications 49 9.1.3 Support For Execution of Multiple Simultaneous Applications 49 9. [1] [27] IEC 61966-2-1 1 Multimedia systems and equipment - Colour measurement and management - Part 2-1 : Colour management - Default RGB colour space - s RGB [28] ITU-R BT.470 6 Conventional television systems [29] ITU-R BT.601 5 Studio Encoding Parameters of Digital Television for standard 4:3 and Wide-Screen 16:9 aspect ratios [30] ITU-R BT.709 3 Parameter values for the HDTV standards for production and international programme exchange [31] Java Class Librar- ies Vol. [3] [48] TR101 194 1.1.1 Guidelines for the use of ETS 300 802 [49] TR101 200 1.1.1 "Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB); Guideline for the use of DVB specifications and standards".

Try closing out of any programs that are not needed before recording a video in Snagit.

Snagit is capable of recording at three different quality settings listed below.

if HAS_PLODCASTING: @@ -330,7 332,7 @@ w = Writer(path, **values) -class ATAudio(ATFile): class ATAudio(ATFile, Web Import Mixin): """ A content type that handles audio files in your Plone site.

""" Added: ATAudio/branches/0.5.1/Web Import ============================================================================== --- (empty file) ATAudio/branches/0.5.1/Web Import Wed Aug 10 2005 @@ -0,0 1,20 @@ """ A mixin to support web-importing.

""" class Web Import Mixin: """ This class does not do much.

When recording with Snagit 13, Snagit will attempt to utilize hardware on your computer to help with the video encoding process, if your computer has hardware capable of doing so. Depending on the specifications of the computer and the hardware, it is possible that some of the following symptoms may occur in this case....

There are various options to try to improve the overall performance when recording a video using Snagit.

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