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She first read about him in a magazine article, thought he was cute, and had her mom bring him to the set of the movie she was filming, because that’s how Hollywood works.Based on several circulating photos of the two canoodling courtside, things looked promising for a while.All the Shane West fans out there who have landed on this page have come to the right place because here you can catch up with various aspects of his life including the best night of his life, girlfriend history and more.June 1978 in Louisiana to French mom and Jamaican- British- Portuguese dad.There were also rumors at that time that she was dating her Walk to Remember costar, Shane West. ) Between 2002-2004, she dated Andy Roddick during which they were known as “Mandy and Andy”—because it was all about couple names back then.They were so in love that they gushed about their romance in interviews and were always each others plus-ones at events.

Since Mandy Moore is a double-threat singer and actor, it’s natural for her to be attracted to equally talented men.But alas, their romance was short-lived, but they continue to remain friends today.yet (although seriously it’s Mandy Moore and Shane West! Moore apparently took a prop from the set of the film back in the day, although she claims she doesn’t know how she ended up with it. Well, it wasn’t that amazing telescope Landon put together for Jamie. It is later revealed that Jamie has cancer, and it’s not getting better.Season 1 ended raising questions about Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) relationship.But there are no questions about Mandy Moore’s off-screen romance with singer, Taylor Goldsmith. It appears that Moore has a penchant for musicians, considering she has dated so many of them (and even married one).

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