Speed dating in kentucky

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Advance directives are the primary tool for individuals to communicate their wishes if they become incapacitated and are unable to make their own health care decisions, particularly near the end of life.

Despite this, 63 percent of American adults have not completed one, reports the most comprehensive study to date on the subject.

Champagne occasion: The million Kentucky Derby makes it the premier moment for American racing each year - but, says PETA, it is an industry with a dark secret of drug use which endangers horses' health Contrast: Horse meat on sale in Canada where it is popular in French-speaking Quebec.

The figures - from Kentucky Horse Racing Commission papers - could be the tip of the iceberg as only horses which have been placed first, second or third are subject to mandatory post-competition doping tests.

The scale of drug abuse by trainers at the race course was discovered in figures passed to Daily Mail Online by PETA - the charity People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - which said it was the ugly underbelly of the race horse industry.

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