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But Sheen told Matt Lauer that since his diagnosis he has had unprotected sex with only two women but insisted they were seeking medical attention to make sure everything was safe.

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I don’t even believe this.’”In response to a soundbite from the Today interview in which Sheen said he has with "no exceptions" always disclosed his HIV status to his sexual partners and said it is "impossible" that he has knowingly passed the virus on to anyone else, Olson said, "It's bullshit."Olson dated Sheen for a year and lived with him for six or seven months from late 2010 into early 2011.Sheen has been dating his new girlfriend Julia Stambler for four months, and friends tell Radar exclusively that she’s been a good influence on the erratic actor — by helping to keep him sober. They are there for each other.” According to the friend, Stambler — who’s 25 years his junior — knows the risks that accompany Sheen’s HIV status and they aren’t taking it lightly.As Radar reported, the HIV-positive bad boy gave himself up to his parents’ care in a secret medical detox program to stop his downward spiral. He’s given weekly meds and gives blood and if he jeopardizes that he can’t be part of the trials.” The former porn star enthusiast and party animal is a changed man with Stambler, said the source. “She’s also been to the doctor and is well informed about the disease,” said the source. “She’d rather Julia date Charlie than a bimbo, prostitute, hooker, or porn star.” Despite reports Stambler was the nanny to Sheen and Mueller’s twin boys, Max and Bob, that isn’t the case.Rossi's attorneys argue that such an agreement is "illegal, invalid and void" while Sheen disputes this, saying the purpose of the agreement was " to facilitate the illegal act of exchanging sexual favors for money." If the arbitration provision is valid, Rossi may not get a chance to move forward in a lawsuit that alleges the two fell romantically in love until Sheen started drinking and doing drugs again and became abusive (supposedly locking her in a bathroom one time, throwing french fries across the plane when she wouldn't eat them, ordering a "hit" on her ex-husband, etc.).Unlike five years ago, when Sheen was desperate to halt an arbitration with Warner Bros.

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